Acne Vulgaris




What is Acne Vulgaris?

Most people will experience this condition at some point in their lives, usually before the age of 25 although it can occur at any age in both males and females. The cause is usually hormonal, when testosterone levels become raised pre-menstrually, during puberty, due to the contraceptive pill or polycystic ovary syndrome. This leads to changes in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, where more oil or sebum is produced. This can cause oil ducts to become blocked and so breakouts begin to happen, and acne-causing bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) can breed easily. 

How is Acne Diagnosed?

Acne is classified according to the numbers and types of lesions, ranging from mild, to moderate to severe. This helps me and other practitioners to decide on the best course of action for you. I take a very holistic approach with clients, looking at lifestyle factors including stress, sleep patterns and diet once a diagnosis has been made, as there is clinical evidence linking these factors with acne; for example, sugar intake is known to trigger breakouts. Watch my short video (below) for more tips and advice. 

Will my Skin Ever Be Clear?

Acne is notoriously tricky to treat and each case is unique, however I work tirelessly with my clients to get to the root cause, always with the aim of restoring their best skin condition.

Which Treatments Will Help Me?

I have treated clients of all ages, from teens to those in their 60's for acne, and depending on the type and severity, I have chosen oral medication, skincare, courses of skin peels combined with LED light designed to exfoliate and kill off bacteria, and referral for laser therapy if appropriate. My treatments always include a skincare, personalised lifestyle and supplement plan - combination therapies always work best!


"I went to Emma for acne scarring treatment. I can recommend her 100%. She's really knowledgeable and I can now go out makeup free.” RC

"Emma has been treating my daughter for acne. Her skin looks so great now, the first time in a very long time she hasn’t worn makeup, and she is a happier, calmer person too.” LF