ALEX Skin Allergy Blood Testing

  • The price includes an initial consultation with Emma Coleman, blood testing including screening of 282 allergens, and a follow up appointment with Emma to discuss your results, advice and referral if required.

    Book an appointment today (£50 deposit required). 

  • Following an initial consultation with Emma Coleman, where full medical history and current symptoms are discussed, the blood test can be performed with consent on the day of your appointment, or posted to your home address.

    The ALEX test involves a fast and simple finger prick, making it suitable for all ages, from infants and children to teens and adults.  Once completed, the test is posted to our affiliated lab and results will be emailed to the clinic within 5 working days. You will then return to the clinic for a follow up consultation with Emma to discuss your results, advice for the future and any referrals if necessary.


  • 282 allergens, including pollens, grasses, molds, fungus, mites, pets, insects, latex of various types, and a wide range of foods and drinks, which all may be associated with atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases.

    This vast allergen panel is useful for researching individual allergens for individual patients with known allergies, and also provides a comprehensive and definitive allergen screening test for those with suspected allergies.

  • Initial Consultation and Treatment time: 30 to 45 minutes.
    Pricing: £375 for adults, £350 for children under 18 years