Intra-Lesional Steriod Injections

  • Book your initial consultation to assess the scar and your suitability for this treatment.

    Please do not book this treatment without having first had a consultation.

  • Following an all-important initial consultation, the scar(s) are first thoroughly sterilised before being treated by injecting a special steroid solution directly into the area. Steroids have the ability to thin out and flatten tissues in our bodies, as well as making them lighter in colour. This can cause some
    momentary pain and stinging during the injection, and the scar(s) treated may feel a little tender, or have a burning sensation afterwards. The treatment itself takes a few minutes to perform.

    A dry dressing will be applied after the injections to prevent any bleeding.

    A course of up to 8 injections may be required, scheduled at least four weeks apart, to attain the desired result.

  • 30 minutes