What is Rosacea?

The exact cause of rosacea is thought to be due to environmental and genetic issues, leading to an immune response on skin’s surface which causes blood vessel enlargement and leakage. Skin damage due to longterm UV light exposure and an imbalance in gut bacteria have also been linked to Rosacea development. 

How is Rosacea Diagnosed?

There is a characteristic flushing of skin across the cheeks and nose which may sometimes be accompanied with bumpiness over skin's surface. Rosacea tends to flare up in times of stress and with sunlight exposure.

Will my Skin Ever Be Clear?

There are many topical creams which can be prescribed to reduce blood vessel activity and help deal with redness. Avoiding spicy, sugary foods, alcohol and smoking, and opting for lots of deep coloured fruits and vegetables and whole foods will help to reduce flare ups.

Which Treatments Will Help Me?

Rosacea requires a combined treatment approach to reduce flare ups, and an initial consultation will help to decide the best pathway for you. In my own clinical experience, oral and / or topical medications alongside a course of antioxidant skincare, facials and holistic lifestyle advice have shown the best results, as in the case of this case shown on the right. This lady had one glycolic peel with green LED light therapy, started a course of probiotics and uses Emma Coleman Natural Supreme Berry Day Cream Prices start from £50 for an initial consultation