Covid-19 Safety Policy

I thank you for your patience and assistance at this tricky time.

During this restrictive period, I have taken certain measures to ensure your safety and protection at all times, as follows:

  1. A deep clean and sterilisation is carried out between clients, and a 20 minute break is allowed between client appointments where possible to accommodate this
  2. Virtual consultations are always offered to you to minimise time spent at Emma Coleman Skin
  3. You will be requested to wear a mask during your visit until you are in Emma’s room, and will also be asked to compete a simple Covid questionnaire as part of your updated consultation at each visit
  4. Staff will wear appropriate protective clothing during your visit
  5. Staff shift times (where appropriate), will be staggered to control people numbers & waiting times
  6. Extended opening times are being offered
  7. Online bookings are preferred via the Emma Coleman Skin website
  8. We shall adopt a new greeting method, and avoid our usual hand shake, hug or kisses
  9. Myself and any staff shall be mindful of our body position and try to adjust our position to help ensure space/distance wherever possible