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    Electrolysis is a specialist treatment which uses heat (or diathermy), to gradually reduce and eliminate unwanted hair, and permanently deactivate treated hair follicles, permanently disrupting the hair cycle.

    In certain cases, unwanted hair may be caused by medical conditions such as hirsutism, hypertrichosis and other disorders. As with all hair removal methods, electrolysis treatment using the Sterex Thermolysis RF cannot cure underlying medical conditions which cause unwanted hair.

    Unsure if electrolysis is for you? Book a Skin Consultation to discuss options with one of the team. 

    15 minute session £45
    30 minute session £60

    Aftercare for this treatment includes the following:
    Excessive heat should be avoided for 48 hours
    Exposure to the sun, sun beds and/or fake tan must be avoided for 14 days before and after the treatment.
    A sun block of SPF 30+ must be used on the exposed skin areas to avoid blotchiness, hyper – and hypo – pigmentation

    *Suitable for all skin and hair types. After completion of an initial course, occasional future maintenance sessions may be necessary*