Laser Hair Removal

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    Laser can be used to achieve hair removal by means of exposure to pulses of laser light which over time, weakens and destroys hair follicles. At Emma Coleman Skin, we use the medical Grade 4 Alexanderite Laser/ ND Yag. For more permanent results it is likely to take up to 8 sessions. A patch test and consultation is required.

    *Suitable for all skin types and mid to dark coloured hair. After completion of an initial course, occasional future maintenance sessions may be necessary*

    Please note: if you have unwanted grey or fair hair, please visit our ELECTROLYSIS page for more information 

    If you are unsure sure if this treatment is best for your needs, please book a Skin Consultation and we'll work out the best treatment plan for you. Treatment duration varies according to treatment area(s)
    Lip 37
    Bikini 52
    hin 42
    G-string 67
    Lip and chin 52
    Lower face 82
    Hollywood 87
    Nose/ears 27
    Half leg upper 162
    Under arms 57
    Half leg lower 132
    Half arm 82
    Full leg 202
    Full arm 132
    Feet and toes 47
    Nipples 37
    Chest 122
    Tummy line 42
    Stomach 112
    Hands and fingers 47
    Front torso 192
    Back inc shoulders 227