Light Refresh Face Peel and LED Light Therapy

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    Treatment packages from £95 for one session or £250 for three sessions.

  • Emma works with glycolic, salicylic and malic acid peels and will select a chemical treatment based on your requirement, sometimes opting for a combination of all 3 chemical types. This treatment has no downtime, although your skin will be a little red afterwards, and is suitable for hyperpigmentation, acne breakouts, Rosacea and anti-aging. Perfect if you have an upcoming special event, or as a preparative treatment for a deep, corrective peel. Emma then selects appropriate LED light therapy once your peel is completed. These types of peels are designed to cleanse pores, remove dead skin cells and encourage fresh collagen production longterm, leaving you fresh and glowing. Skincare is provided as part of this treatment.

  • Duration: 45 minutes