Meet the Petts Wood Clinic Team

With the arrival of the new Petts Wood clinic in July 2022, I’ve also recruited some new star aesthetics specialists.

I spent several months searching for the right practitioners for my clients who would be able to maintain the high level of service and quality of treatments we maintain here at Emma Coleman Skin! Read on to meet and read more about Dr Sara Shafaie and Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber Giacinto Colicci 


DR SARA SHAFAIE, Aesthetics and Clinical Pharmacy 
Sara has a background in clinical pharmacy and is highly proficient in facial anatomy, skin rejuvenation and all aspects of injectable treatments. Sara has an artistic eye for beauty and takes a conservative approach with the focus always on creating a realistic, tailored plan unique to each individual client. Sara loves to travel and to cook as much as possible, and often carves a spa day into her schedule to keep her mind and body refreshed. 

Giacinto has 15 years of experience in the aesthetics industry and takes an ethical, safe and subtle approach to facial rejuvenation. Giacinto focuses on marrying your expectations with what fits for your bone structure and face shape, tailoring each treatment to establish beautiful results. Hobbies include travel, sports and visiting art exhibitions around the world.

I will also continue to see clients at Petts Wood! We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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We are moving to Beckenham on September 1st  🌈🎉

We are moving to Beckenham on September 1st 🌈🎉

Looking ‘Undone’

Looking ‘Undone’


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