Looking ‘Undone’

Is it possible to have facial injectables done without actually looking ‘done?’ This is something I am asked during consultations at my clinics on a daily basis, mostly because clients want to look fresher, more awake, hydrated and above all, like themselves.

Luckily at Emma Coleman Skin, myself and my colleagues specialize in creating natural results by simply replacing something that has been lost from the face. One example is depletion of fat from the mid and lower face which we all experience as the years pass. This is where we start to see under eye hollows, lines on the top lip and jowls on the jawline appearing. These issues can be gently lifted out through application of hyaluronic acid dermal filler. The result is purely dependent on the type and amount of product used, which can be tailored to each individual, and in no way should be obvious to anyone other than the client themselves.

As we age, the face and neck also experience loss of tone, due to depleted levels of skin collagen and elastin fibres which help to maintain lift and firmness, a bit I like scaffolding! Skin boosters are another treatment which we often use in clinic. These hyaluronic acid-rich injectables differ from fillers in that they simply encourage the skin to work harder by promoting new collagen production, creating hydrated, brighter and firmer skin. Skin boosters are injected at a very shallow level, just a few millimeters beneath skins surface, nourishing the epidermis, which make them a bit like having a facial which lasts a long time - up to 6 months after one session. Skin boosters can be applied safely to under eyes, face, neck, décolleté and the hands. 

At Emma Coleman Skin, we offer a safe, professional and client-focused service, treating each visitor as if they were a family member. Book your free aesthetic consultation to learn how we can assist you in achieving your natural beauty goals.


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Meet the Petts Wood Clinic Team

Meet the Petts Wood Clinic Team

We are moving to Beckenham on September 1st  🌈🎉

We are moving to Beckenham on September 1st 🌈🎉

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