How Can Vitamin C Help your Skin?

Some skincare ingredients are so remarkable for skin they deserve special attention and vitamin C is one of those ingredients. On this page, I will tell you about the results you can expect from vitamin C, whether one form is better than the other and how you can incorporate this powerful antioxidant into your skincare routine.

Vitamin C: fights ageing skin and contributes to balanced, healthy skin

Vitamin C offers powerful protection against pollution, environmental damage and even sun damage. Well-formulated products containing vitamin C help your skin look younger for longer.

Vitamin C benefits:

  • It makes sun damage and surface pigment spots less visible and brightens dull, blotchy skin.
  • It is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from irritation, inflammation and environmental pollution.
  • It reduces red blotches left after spots by improving the skin’s natural healing process.
  • It increases the effectiveness of sunscreen and gives the skin better protection from UV rays.

Ascorbic acid: the king of vitamin C

Among all the forms of vitamin C, ascorbic acid – also known as L-ascorbic acid – is the most researched in terms of its beneficial effects on the skin. That is why you are most likely to come across it in well-formulated skincare products. For example, my Revival Daily Vitamin C Serum contains 5% Ascorbic Acid. Ascorbic Acid is highly stable and the skin is able to utilize it easily to fight off free radicals and external stressors, lessening their ageing effects. 

If you prefer something natural and chemical-free, my Barefaced Beauty Rose Drops contains Vitamin C in the form of Kiwi Seed and Rosehip oils.

Ascorbic acid in higher, active concentrations is perfect for treating the most persistent skin problems, which is why I have formulated my Vitamin C Serum as a professional-strength product. The serum is further stabilized with Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid, to ensure that the Ascorbic Acid is long lasting and above all, effective.

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Looking ‘Undone’

Looking ‘Undone’

We are moving to Beckenham on September 1st  🌈🎉

We are moving to Beckenham on September 1st 🌈🎉

Collagen Boosting Treatments at Emma Coleman Skin in West Wickham and Petts Wood

Collagen Boosting Treatments at Emma Coleman Skin in West Wickham and Petts Wood


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