Collagen Boosting Treatments at Emma Coleman Skin in West Wickham and Petts Wood

What is the function of collagen?  

Collagen provides structure and support within the skin and so as it degrades over time, so  does the firmness of the skin. A treatment with the 3JUVE will improve the appearance of  fine lines, wrinkles and help increase skin firmness. Together we can help you to achieve  entirely natural-looking anti-ageing results that will leave your skin plumped, refreshed, bright  and even in skin tone. The treatment delivers natural looking results with little to no  downtime, and can be used on all skin types, on all treatable areas. 

How does the 3JUVE’s treatment boost collagen? 

The 3JUVE utilises three different forms of technology to cause heating within the dermis and epidermis: Fractional Resurfacing, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency.  These individual technologies create controlled thermal trauma which stimulates a wound  healing response within the skin, that in turn leads to the fibroblast cells producing more  collagen.  

3JUVE Collagen inducing treatments not only help to prevent future skin ageing but also  help to reverse existing damage. Lynton IPL rejuvenation treatments with the 3JUVE  naturally brightens the skin, stimulates collagen and effectively targets discolouration such  as redness, sunspots, sun damage and red veins for smoother, fresher and younger-looking  skin. 

With the 3JUVE’s Resurface technology we can renew and revitalise your skin by retexturing  the skin surface, targeting enlarged pores, improving skin tone and reducing congestion to  create a ‘silky’ soft skin texture. The process of new collagen production also results in  damaged or cross-linked collagen being broken down and removed from the skin, so  wrinkles and scar tissue can be reduced with Resurface Fractional technology. Once you  have produced new collagen in the skin this is essentially permanent. Of course, your skin  can still be susceptible to future damage, in particular UV damage/smoking etc. But this can  be combatted with a daily SPF and a healthy lifestyle.  

The final technology on the 3JUVE radio frequency, allows us to subtly lift treatable areas of  your skin, to display a natural and youthful appearance. With this technology on the 3JUVE  we can instantly firm the collagen fibres and tighten the skin as well as progressively boost  collagen production. 

Typically, 3-6 treatments are required for 3JUVE collagen-boosting treatments, however  results can be seen after just one treatment. To book your consultation today contact us at or 02087982571

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